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From Principal Jamie Wheeler:
     Welcome back to a new and exciting school year. Our administration team is planning and anticipating a year filled with challenges, learning, and excitement. We are going to work extremely hard to improve everything about our school. We want CCHS to be the best place for you to learn and achieve academically and the best place for you to prepare yourself for life. Our goal is for you to have a great school year that you will enjoy, take pride in, remember, and want to contribute to in a positive way. 
     You are the reason our school exists, and your opportunity to learn is the central issue in everything we do. You are the life of our school, and you give our school its pride and personality, Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I hope you have an enjoyable and productive school year.
Jamie Wheeler
Our Mission Statement & Beliefs

Mission Statement

The mission of Campbell County Comprehensive High School is to achieve excellence through equity by preparing all students for meaningful citizenship in an ever-changing society by offering a quality, comprehensive education dedicated to building a foundation for lifelong learning while helping students achieve their maximum potential.


  1. We believe all students can learn and must take an active and responsible role in the learning process.


  2. We believe that a safe and secure school climate is essential to maintaining high academic standards.


  3. We believe that maintaining an environment of high standards of discipline, conduct, and mutual respect is essential to building strong character and supporting student achievement.


  4. We believe in offering a comprehensive curriculum, which fosters academic excellence in preparing students for graduation, military service, post-secondary education, and a career in the global economy of a culturally diverse society.


  5. We believe that student achievement depends on high academic standards and equality of educational opportunities.


  6. We believe that all stakeholders share a responsibility for preparing students for the workplace in the global twenty-first century through the use of technology, reading strategies, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.


  7. We believe in promoting an active awareness and appreciation of the fine arts and the media in order to prepare students to make meaningful use of their leisure time in a culturally rich society.


  8. We believe that a commitment to continuous improvement must exist among learners and all stakeholders in order to achieve and maintain standards of excellence.

Our History


Picture Courtesy of LHS Alumni

1950 Basketball Team LHS

1950 Basketball Team LHS

Picture Courtesy of LHS Alumni

LaFollette High School

LaFollette High School

Picture Courtesy of LHS Alumni

Campbell County High School opened in the fall of 1975, combining the former Jacksboro and LaFollette High Schools into a comprehensive high school built to serve a larger geographic area and a more diverse segment of the county’s youth in grades 10-12. The high school was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools the following year.  In 1983, Campbell County High School became a 9-12 high school. Three teachers were accepted into the Governor's Academy for Teachers in 1987 and two were Selected as Stokey Fellows. In 1988, a member of  the CCHS faculty was selected as Tennessee High School Teacher of  the Year. The Governor’s A+ Award for community commitment to excellence in education was presented to Campbell County in 1994. In 1994 Campbell County was one of Tennessee’s pilot schools that initiated the block schedule (four period day).  In 1996 the school became a “High School That Works” site through the Southern Region Education Board.  Students are able to gain work experience through industrial cooperative training and internships.  A grant through the Tennessee Department of Education in 1996 enabled the school to incorporate a Ford Academy of Manufacturing Sciences within the school curriculum. 


A diversified, comprehensive educational program offers 172 sections of vocational/technical classes and 319 sections of academic classes. Through an agreement with the TN Technology Center, seniors may attend vocational/technical classes in drafting, machine shop, and business systems technology while in attendance at our school. Students may also articulate high school credit in vocational/technical courses. Qualified students may also be admitted to early admissions programs at Roane State Community College or complete two semesters of college English on our campus during the regular school day.