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Campbell County High School TN Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts 1: Culinary Arts I equips students with the foundational knowledge and skills to pursue careers in the culinary field as a personal chef, caterer, executive chef, and food and beverage manager. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will have knowledge in the components of commercial kitchen safety and sanitation, history of the foodservice industry, careers, nutrition, recipe basics, proper kitchen tools and equipment, and kitchen staples. Throughout the course students will gain experience in commercial food production and service operations, while preparing for further training at the postsecondary level. Course Code: 5979


Culinary Arts 2: Culinary Arts II is the second level of Culinary Arts and prepares students for gainful employment and/or entry into post-secondary education in the food production and service industry. Content provides students the opportunity to acquire marketable skills by demonstrating the principles of safety and sanitation, food preparation skills, and teamwork to manage an environment conducive to quality food production and service operations. Laboratory facilities and experiences, which simulate commercial food production and service operations, offer school-based learning and work-based learning opportunities. Course Code: 5980

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