Contact Information

Campbell County High School

150 Cougar Lane

Jacksboro, TN 37757

Office Phone- (423) 562-8308

Office Fax- (423) 566-2019


Agriculture/FFA-(423) 562-9179

Attendance-(423) 562-5051

Bookstore-(423) 562-0598

Football Fieldhouse-(423) 566-0832

Library-(423) 562-4173

Office Phone #2-(423) 562-8300

Office Phone #3-(423) 562-8309

Special Education-(423) 562-8640

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Driving Directions


Coming From 1-75 at Caryville:

   1. Turn onto US-25W N and continue for                approximately 5.8 miles. (You will go                  through seven traffic lights)

   2. Turn right onto Cougar Lane. (The High                School is located in front of the large church        on the hill. You will see the blue marquee.)


Coming From Downtown LaFollette:

   1. Head southwest on E Central Ave toward N        Indiana Ave for 0.8 miles. (You will go                through four traffic lights)

   2.  E Central Ave turns slightly left and                     becomes US-25W S. Continue for 1.9                 miles. (The High School is located in                   front of the large church on the hill. You will         see the blue marquee.)

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