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David Adkins


Room: 621

Fundamentals of Construction: Fundamentals of Construction is a foundational course in the Architecture & Construction cluster covering essential knowledge, skills, and concepts required for careers in construction. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be able to describe various construction fields and outline the steps necessary to advance in specific construction careers. Students will be able to employ tools safely and interpret construction drawings to complete projects demonstrating proper measurement and application of mathematical concepts. Standards in this course also include an overview of the construction industry and an introduction to building systems and materials. Students will begin compiling artifacts for inclusion in their portfolios, which they will carry with them throughout the full sequence of courses in their selected program of study. Course Code: 6073


Carpentry 1: Carpentry I is a course that will introduce students to basic skills and knowledge related to residential and commercial carpentry. Topics covered include wood, metal, and concrete building materials; fasteners; hand and power tools; fabrication based on construction plans; and framing of platform and post-and-beam structures, in both wood and metal. This course gives students an introduction to the skill and knowledge base typically required for apprentice carpenters. 

Course Code: 6035


Carpentry 2: Carpentry II is a course in which students will extend their skills and knowledge related to residential and commercial carpentry. Topics covered include stairs, installation and trim of windows and doors, installation and repair of gypsum wallboard, advanced site layout, exterior finish work, thermal and moisture protection, and an introduction to welding. This course gives students a substantial skill and knowledge foundation typically required for apprentice carpenters.

Course Code: 6036