Dr. Dewayne Lee



Room: 602

Club Sponsor: STEM


Foundations of Technology: Foundations of Technology prepare students to understand and apply technological concepts and processes that are the cornerstone for the high school technology program. Group and individual activities engage students in crating ideas, developing innovations, and engineering practical solutions. Technology content, resources, and laboratory/class-room activities apply student applications to science, mathematics and other school subjects in authentic situations. 


Technological Issues: The Technological Issues course will actively engage student in making and developing, using, and managing technology systems. Students will better understand the role of systems in meeting specific needs and will be able to analyze and understand the behavior and operation of basic technological systems in different contexts. Students will investigate critical historical and emerging issues affecting the creation, development, use, and control of technology. They will use case studies, simulations, research, design and problem solving, and group discussions and presentation to address complex issues and propose alternative solutions to technological developments. 


Advanced Design Applications: Advanced Design Applications course has been designed as an advanced study for students engaged in themed academies and general technology studies that lead to the capacity to understand how technology’s development, control and use is based on design constraints, and human wants and needs. The structure of the course challenges students to use design processes so that they can think, plan, design and create solutions to engineering and technological problems. Students are actively involved in the organized an integrated application of technological resources, engineering concepts, and scientific procedures.