CCHS Distance Learning

About Distance Learning

Welcome to Campbell County High School Distance Learning. This page is for students who have elected to complete their coursework from home rather than in person. We have included many resources here to guide you through the distance learning process, so please check this page when you need support and guidance. 

Again, welcome to Distance Learning at CCHS. Go Cougars!

How Distance Learning Works

Keep in mind that this information only applies to Campbell County High School as other schools in the district may have different distance learning procedures. Once you have signed up for distance learning with us, you will be sent login information for Edgenuity via email. If you are new to Campbell County, TN Public Schools, you will also receive login credentials for Aspen and a school email account.

All coursework is housed in Edgenuity. This is where you will log in, access your classes, and submit all work. You will also be assigned a teacher from the high school to help monitor your progress, answer questions, and keep you on track. You will meet with this teacher every other week in Microsoft Teams as a way to stay connected and touch base with your learning progress. You can access Teams through your email account. Links to and information about each of these sites are located to the right.

Students will be enrolled in up to four online courses per semester. You are expected to complete the course within the assigned semester and move on to four additional courses in subsequent semesters. Students failing to complete or pass their courses within the allotted time frame will no longer be eligible to participate in distance learning.

Distance Learning Teachers

Each student will be assigned a CCHS teacher to help guide and support them through their online learning experience. These teachers will meet with you in Teams every two weeks to make sure things are going well and to help you with any issues. These teachers are your go-to resource for anything that may arise while completing your coursework. You will hear from them on a weekly basis and will reach out to them when you have questions or concerns. Share their contact information with your parents so that you can establish a good relationship with your teachers for a smooth online learning experience.

Each teacher will have office hours during the school day where you can reach out and connect with them. This means that they will be available to you instantly for help and feedback. If you email your teacher before 3:00 PM they should reply to you before the school day is over; however, if you email them after 3:00 PM, they may not be back in touch with you until the following day. If you email on a Friday evening, it may be Monday before they respond. 


Keep this in mind as you work in your courses. There may come a time when you need immediate feedback or need your teacher to reset a quiz. If you are working during the school day and reach out before 3:00 PM, there is a better chance that you will reach them when you need them.

You will also be expected to attend a live virtual meeting every two weeks. Your teacher will be in touch about these expectations and to schedule these meetings with you. These meetings will take place in Microsoft Teams, which you can access from the link on the right.

Below is the contact information and office hours for our distance learning teachers. You will receive a communication from them so that you know to which teacher you have been assigned.

office hours.PNG


All of your coursework will be housed here. Follow this link to access your classes and assignments.


Follow this link to access your email and Microsoft Teams. Once you have logged in, click Outlook for email and click Teams for class meetings.


This link will take you to our school information system. Here, you can look up your schedule, GPA, class rank, and final course grades.


This link will take you to the homepage for the school district. On it, you can find district-level announcements, resources, calendar, contact information, and additional supporting links.

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Expectations for Students

Below are a list of expectations for students while participating in distance learning:

  • Students are expected to log in to Edgenuity daily (Monday through Friday) and complete work. 

  • Students are expected to check their email every day (Monday through Friday).

  • Students are expected to reach out to their teachers when issues arise. This includes attending office hours, sending emails, chatting in Teams, or calling your teacher at the school. Teachers have 24 hours to return communication if outside of office hours and until Monday if you reach out after school hours on Friday afternoon. To reach a teacher via phone, call the school's front office and ask to be connected.

  • Students are expected to reach out to their teacher if issues arise. If the issue needs to be elevated beyond your teacher's expertise, he or she will do so.

  • Students are expected to stay on pace in each of their courses. The following information will be taken into consideration when taken attendance: student progress, time spent in each course, and grade progression. 

  • Students are expected to meet with their teachers in Teams every other week. Teachers will reach out to schedule these meetings.

  • Teachers will check in with students on a weekly basis. Students are expected to communicate with their teachers when they reach out.

  • Students and parents are expected to keep their contact information up to date. This information can be submitted to your teacher.

Support & Resources

Technology/Hardware Support

Students participating in virtual learning have the option to check out a laptop from the school. To do this, please contact the school's front office. 

If you have checked out one of our computers and an issue arises, please contact the following number at any time during the day, and someone will assist you: (423)562-0521.

Software Support Videos


Below are videos that have been created to support you as you work online.