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United States History:   A study of the history of the United States from Reconstruction to the present. Students will explore the country’s culture, geography, governance, economics, and history. Students are required to take the TN Ready United States History Assessment Test at the end of this course. Course Code: 3405

Principles of Public Service: This course covers fundamental philosophies of constitutional government in the United States as well as basic principles of public management and administration, including history and development, organizational structures, and modern functions. Students in Principles of Public Service will explore career options in public management and administration and develop an understanding of the role and importance of civic engagement in democracy. Legal and ethical issues faced by public officials are also explored, as is technology’s impact on public management. Course Code: 6127


Political Science: The focus of this course is on Congress and the Presidency, the political branches of American government, and the bureaucracy. As an introduction to the sub-field of American politics, the course will study these institutions in greater depth through looking at the approaches the discipline takes toward them. In studying these three institutions in greater detail, it will also investigate how they interact to create public policy.