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Room: 212

Planning: 2nd Period

Biology l: Biology I is a laboratory science course that investigates the relationship between structure and function from molecules to organisms and systems, the interdependence and interactions of biotic and abiotic components of the environment, and mechanisms that maintain continuity and lead to changes in populations over time. Students explore biological concepts through an inquiry approach. Embedded standards for Inquiry, Technology & Engineering, and Mathematics are taught in the context of the content standards for Cells, Interdependence, Flow of Matter and Energy, Heredity, and Biodiversity and Change.

Course Code: 3210

Honors Biology l: Designed to develop an understanding of the diversity and unity in living things. Concepts include interactions of organisms, transfer of energy in organisms, cell structure and function, continuity and change in living things, and biology-related career opportunities. Students will work at a faster pace and on different biological levels. Course Code: 3210H

Biology ll: Topics will be covered more in depth and in greater detail than in Biology I. This course will include the study of viruses, prokaryotes, plant and animal diversity as well as a closer look at human biology. The course also gives special attention to real world applications and the exciting discoveries of the past few years. Course Code: 3216

Advanced Placement Biology: This is a year long course, paired with Biology II, that includes many college biological topics such as genetics, microbiology, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, and human physiology, in an advanced laboratory setting. Students cover material equivalent to college freshman biology, and it prepares them for the Advanced Placement Examination. For more information about Advanced Placement Biology, including the current exam fee, please visit www.collegeboard.com or www.apcentral.com. Course Code: 3217

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