Advanced Computer Applications prepares students to continue post-secondary training in business related programs, provides advanced training for students pursuing a career in administrative and information support, and supports obtaining an industry certification in specific software applications (such as the Microsoft Office Suite). Course content and projects are meant to simulate workplace scenarios and draw on skills related to communications, operations, management, and teamwork in order to accomplish information management goals.Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be fluent in a variety of information management software applications and will be prepared to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).

Coding is a course intended to teach students the basics of computer programming. The course places emphasis on practicing standard programming techniques and learning the logic tools and Page 2 methods typically used by programmers to create simple computer applications. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be able to solve problems by planning multistep procedures; write, analyze, review, and revise programs, converting detailed information from workflow charts and diagrams into coded instructions in a computer language; and will be able to troubleshoot/debug programs and software applications to correct malfunctions and ensure their proper execution. 

Web Design l: Web Design l focuses on the language, structure, and essential concepts and principles of page layout and design. Students will develop Internet research techniques for business; acquire navigation mapping skills; effectively use a Web site; student digital commerce transaction security. Websites will be created using both HTML and Web design software. Course Code: 6100


Web Design ll: Web Design ll is a project-based continuation of Web Design 1. Students will acquire advanced skills in both theory and practical application of Web design and of leadership and interpersonal skill development. Course Code: 6171

Lisa Bolton


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