Lynn Massengill


Room: 149

English l: The study of basic communication skills, literary skills, usage, speech, and spelling; the review of grammar and its application to composition; an emphasis on the development of essay-writing skills, especially persuasive essays; and an introduction to basic literary selections. Students in English I will be required to take the TN READY Assessment Test. Course Code: 3001

English ll: A continuation of English l. This course emphasizes composition and literary analyses in addition to persuasive and expository writing. Students will be required to read more literary works and informational texts. Students in English II will be required to take the TN READY Assessment Test. Course Code: 3002

English lll: A continuation of the study of grammar, usage, composition, and communication skills, with emphasis on vocabulary building, spelling, letter and persuasive essay writing, and library and dictionary   skills. The focus is on American literature. Students in English III will be required to take the TN READY Assessment Test. This course will continue to focus on writing skills which will prepare students to be successful when writing persuasive essays. Research papers and oral presentations are required. Research papers use MLA format. Course Code: 3003