Margaret Smith


Room: 511

Planning: 5th Period

Psychology: Students will study the development of scientific attitudes and skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, and scientific methodology. Students will also examine the structure and function of the nervous system in human and nonhuman animals, the processes of sensation and perception, and life span development. Students will study social cognition, influence, and relations. Students will examine social and cultural diversity and diversity among individuals. Students will study memory, including encoding, storage, and retrieval of memory. Students will also study perspectives of abnormal behavior and categories of psychological disorders, including treatment thereof. Students will elaborate on the importance of drawing evidence-based conclusions about psychological phenomena and gain knowledge on a wide array of issues on both individual and global levels. Throughout the course, students will examine connections between content areas within psychology and relate psychological knowledge to everyday life. Students will explore the variety of careers available to those who study psychology. Course Code: 3433


Sociology: Students will explore the ways sociologists view society, and also how they study the social world. In addition, students will examine culture, socialization, deviance and the structure and impact of institutions and organizations. Also, students will study selected social problems and how change impacts individuals and societies. Course Code: 3432

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