Melinda Fox      


Room: 205

Environmental Science: Environmental science enables students to develop an understanding of the natural environment and the environmental problems the world faces. Students will investigate the following: Fundamental Ecological Principles, Human Population Dynamics, Natural Resources, Energy Sources and Their Use, Human Interaction with Environment, and Personal and Civic Responsibility. Students explore the content of Environmental Science through inquiry. This science course utilizes group lab field experiences to meet these expectations. Particular emphasis is placed on local environments. Students will develop a basic understanding of ecology as a basis for making ethical decisions and career choices. Course Code: 3260

Lifetime Wellness: The content of the course includes seven standards: Disease Prevention and Control, Nutrition, Substance Use and Abuse, Mental/Emotional/Social Health, Sexuality and Family Life, Safety and First Aid and Personal Fitness. Each content area is addressed in a classroom and/or physical activity setting. Personal fitness and nutrition should be emphasized and integrated throughout the course. Students are provided opportunities to explore how content areas are interrelated. Students acquire knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being throughout their lifetime.

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