Monica Burgan


Room: 207

Chemistry l: An introductory study of the composition and structure of matter, including atomic structure, chemical composition, solutions, equations, and the application of chemistry to everyday life. Approaches   chemistry through laboratory experiments, independent research and reporting techniques, classroom discussions, and follow-up independent activities. Course Code: 3221

Chemistry ll: An accelerated laboratory based course designed to prepare students for AP Chemistry and college chemistry. Students are expected to work independently on a variety of assignments and accept greater responsibility for their learning. The course will include additional objectives and enrichment topics that integrate inquiry and technology. Course Code: 3224

Advanced Placement Chemistry: This is a year long course, paired with Chemistry II. This course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually taken during the first college year. This is an academic, quantitative chemistry course. Chemistry is the study of atoms and molecules and how they interact according to physical laws. Such study is applicable to your everyday life and this will be demonstrated repeatedly throughout the year. Topics of study include structure of matter, states of matter, reactions, descriptive chemistry, and chemical calculations. For more information about Advanced Placement Chemistry, including the current exam fee, please visit or