Nathaniel Morton


Room: 622

Club Sponsor: FFA & 4H

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Green House Management: 

Course Code C18H17

Greenhouse is a hands on learning class that specializes in production.  The class focuses on the greenhouse production industry from germination of seeds to sales experience.  The students will use the tomato plant for an example to learn a wide variety of different cultivars that are germinated from seed then transplanted and grown into sales stock.  The students will experience commercial sales and customer driven activities.  The student will help raise 5000 tomatoes, 2000 peppers, 1000 flowers, 500 cucumbers, and a variety of other seasonal plant material. 


Landscaping and Turf Science: 

Course Code C18H22

Land & Turf gives the students the opportunity to learn property management, plant upkeep and selection, design, segments on construction and machinery.  This class has an emphasis on commercial contract work with experiential discussions including interior and exterior industries.  Sometimes topically driven segments and presentation encourage the students to expand their thought process towards the industry.


Principles of Plant Science 

Course Code C18H18

Plant Science class goes into propagation, binomial nomenclature, plant identification etc. Students will experience hands on horticulture focusing on the horticulture industry with special presentations on row crop production.  Students will be instructed on the FFA and CTSO activities and learn the importance of their supervised agricultural experience which is a requirement to be in the Agricultural curriculum.