Graduation Hat Throw

Path to Graduation

This links below contain the information students need to navigate the academics and coursework of their four years at CCHS. What path does a student need to follow to get from a freshman to graduation?

Course Catalog


What courses are available to me at CCHS? Click the link above.

Four-Year Plan

Navigating in Woods

How do all these classes fit together over four years? What am I required to take? When? Click the link above to learn about what a four-year plan looks like.

Which Elective Focus Do I Choose?


The link above is a collection of videos from teachers at CCHS talking about their programs. Feel free to reach out to these teachers if you have questions. They would love to have you in class!

Graduation Requirements

Graduates Holding Diplomas

What are the courses necessary for graduation? How do I earn my high school diploma?

Campbell County Board Policy

Graduation Requirements TDOE Website

Programs of Study

Career Cards

OK, so I know I have to have an elective focus to graduate. Which classes are those? Click on the link above.

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  • How do credits work?

  • What happens if I fail a class?

  • Grading Scales/ GPA

  • Honors Courses

  • EPSOs

  • Modes of Learning