Robin Mullens   


Room: 329

Club Sponsor: FCCLA

Child & Lifespan Development: This course prepares students to understand the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth and development throughout the lifespan. Experiences such as laboratory observations, job shadowing, service learning and laboratory participation will enhance the learning process. Instructional content includes child development theories and research; prenatal development; infants and toddlers; preschool years; middle childhood; adolescence; adulthood; geriatrics; death and dying; careers; and leadership, citizenship and teamwork. Course Code: 5625


Family Studies: Family Studies is an applied knowledge course that examines the diversity and evolving structure of the modern family. Course standards focus on the demographic, historical, and social changes of interpersonal relationships, as well as parenting, and the effect of stressors on the family. Course Code: 930529


Introduction to Human Studies: Introduction to Human Studies is a foundational course for students interested in becoming a public advocate, social worker, dietician, nutritionist, counselor, or community volunteer. Upon completion of this course, a proficient student will have an understanding of human needs, overview of social services, career investigation, mental health, and communication. Course Code: 6317