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Sarah Hunley


Room: 416


Audition ONLY Chorus (24-28 students MAX) 

Do you love not only singing but also dancing and acting?!?!  Do people tell you how amazing your voice is or maybe it’s your hidden talent and you’re not ready to show it off?!?!?  See Ms. Hunley about auditioning for the new show choir! 

This choir is made up of singers who have been selected by Ms. Hunley herself to represent the school at school and community events.  Each student will be expected to present a solo audition for Ms. Hunley which will include a short piece of music or section of a piece of music of the student’s choosing as well as vocalizes (warm-ups to test range) and demonstrate your ability to sight read music as well as test your ability to properly match pitch. 

***Please note that due to the requirements of this class, you will be expected to potentially perform multiple times outside of the classroom (at community events and after school rehearsals) and be expected to purchase wardrobe materials for the shows. 


Mixed Ensemble/Choir 

If you love singing but maybe you’re not sure you have the pipes or you just want to enjoy the community that comes from being a part of a musical group or ensemble, then this mixed choir is for you!  No audition necessary; but singing and participation are a must! 

***Please note that this IS a performance class as well and you WILL be required to perform at least one evening show per semester for your final grade.  Daily participation/singing IS MANDATORY! 


History of Rock! 

(only class that can go 4th due to band conflict) 

Are you interested in learning more about music, but you don’t necessarily enjoy singing?  Maybe you’re already a musician who either learned by ear, taught yourself, or you just want to have a better understanding about how music works!  If you enjoy listening to and learning about various genres of music and musicians, then this class is for you!  Together we will study the basics of music theory, form, and history; including an extended unit on the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!  We will span the distance from Bach to Beyoncé and then some so come join us for this new and exciting class!