Art Class Receives Many Awards

There will be an art show at CCHS on May 15th in the commons. Many pieces will be entered into the show and they will be judged by the Campbell County Art Association. Winners will receive prize money and admission is free. To learn more about the art show email Georgea Green at

CCHS Art classes, instructed by Mrs. Georgea Green, have recently won many awards. All of the art classes have competed in several different competitions and some students have even brought home awards for their stunning art work. The most recent competition was the Duck Stamp Competition put on by the office of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge. There were about 2000 entries statewide into the competition this year, and 23 out of the 39 entries from CCHS received recognition. The results are as follows:

Winners 7th Grade - 9th Grade Division:

Samantha Hadwin - 1st Place

Emily Wilson - 2nd Place

Chloe Byers - 3rd Place

Winners 9th Grade - 12th Grade Division:

-Brienna Miller - 2nd Place

-Bri McKamey - 3rd Place

Honorable Mentions: 7th Grade - 9th Grade Division

-Tristen Hinjos -Austin Smith

-Haley Ward -Shaylei Stevenson

-Rachel Hall -Christian Vinsant

-Cheyenne Miller

Honorable Mentions: 9th Grade - 12th Grade Division

-Kenzie Lascola -Emily Tackett -Kayla Moore

-Victoria Caudle -Isabella Luna

-Reagan Paul -Jessica Baird

-Alexis North -Electra Lowe

-Amber Finkenbine -Amanda Jackson

Congratulations to all of the Duck Stamp competitors!

18 students also submitted their work into the Wildlife Forever Fish Contest and the results should be coming in by next week.

Students have again sent their work into the Congressional Art Contest, and their art could have the possibility of been displayed in the United States Capital Building.

Also, the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), Campbell County Chapter, hosted their annual art show and auction. Bri McKamey won the auction and her turkey received the highest amount of money at the auction. Bri's turkey was absolutely stunning, which included exquisite detail and hard work! 12 portraits were submitted into the auction.

Mrs. Green is inspired by art and believes that it is, "her calling," to teach the art classes at CCHS. She pushes her students to create amazing art and believes that, "if you try hard, you've got to work at it." Her art classes and her students continue to represent CCHS in an extraordinary manner.

Congratulations to all of the art students and good luck in future competitions!

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