CCHS Art Students held annual art show. Congratulations to the winners in following divisions.

Printmaking: 1st Bri McKamey 2nd Reagan Paul 3rd Electra Lowe

Calligraphy: 1st Emily Tackett 2nd Emily Tackett 3rd SamanthaHadwin

Pastels: 1st Bri McKamey 2nd Reagan Paul 3rd Electra Lowe

Acrylics: 1st Raegan Paul 2nd Electra Lowe 3rd Electra Lowe

Colored Pencil: 1st Samantha Hadwin 2nd Amanda Jackson 3rd

Electra Lowe

Pencil Drawing: 1st Amanda Jackson 2nd Bri McKamey 3rd Bella Luna

Mixed Media: 1st Samantha Hadwin 2nd Electra Lowe 3rd Alexis North

Scratchboard: 1st Gina Wolfenbarger 2nd Amber Finkenbine 3rd Electra Lowe

Ducks: 1st Bella Luna 2nd Bella Luna 3rd Electra Lowe

Pen and Ink: 1st Electra Lowe 2nd Bri McKamey 3rd Electra Lowe

Watercolor: 1st Samantha Hadwin 2nd Jessica Baird 3rd Chloe Byers

3D and Other : 1st Electra Lowe/Bri McKamey 2nd Bella Luna/Amber Finkenbine 3rd Electra Lowe

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