Bed Bug Situation Under Control

Below is a message from Principal Jamie Wheeler about the bed bug situation. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

January 24, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We have recently found a bed bug in a classroom. Bed bugs are a nuisance, but are not known to spread or cause disease. The source of bed bugs cannot often be determined, as bed bugs may be found in many places, including hotels, buses, hospitals, department stores, and movie theaters. Finding a bed bug does not mean that the school building is infested. Bed bugs are often unknowingly brought into the school on backpacks, clothes, and other personal items. It is unlikely for bed bugs to reproduce and spread in schools. Campbell County Schools will continue to work to identify pests and provide a thorough inspection of schools. A licensed pest control specialist is assisting Campbell County Schools with inspections and treatment. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the school office at 423-562-8308.


Jamie Wheeler

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