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Terri Chaniott         


Room: 470

Visual Art l: A beginning course designed to provide self-expression and to explore artistic interests and capabilities of the student. Emphasis is placed upon basic art concepts, vocabulary, history, and techniques of design in their application to two dimensional art forms. Includes tempera paint, pencil, pen and ink, pastels, and three- (3) dimensional art forms. Course Code: 3501


Visual Arts ll: A course providing a more extensive experience with artistic skills while employing the basic art concepts introduced in Art l. Includes activities intended to enhance personal enrichment in the visual arts: drawing, painting, and sculpting. Course Code: 3502


Visual Art lll: Students will encounter a challenging series of advanced visual problems, requiring the application of developed skills obtained in Art I and II. Students will learn advance media techniques, continuing their foundational work in drawing, painting, and 3D design. Students will also be introduced to media such as printmaking, photography, mixed media, casting, mold making, etc. Students will compile a professional portfolio to be used for formal evaluation. Course Code: 3503


Visual Art IV: An advanced course which emphasizes all aspects of art, including painting, pictorial organization, advertising, design, graphic arts, illustration, printing, sculpting, and portfolio presentation. Focuses on achieving technical mastery in the areas of art production, art criticism, aesthetics, and art history and on developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Course Code: 3504